Slicing Pie

            User Roles

            There are four primary user roles in the application: Owner, Employee, Executive and Advisor. The Pie owner creates the Pie on his or her account and pays the monthly or annual fee. This person has “all access” to the tool and has the ability to view and edit all the settings, including salaries and Pie settings.

            Pie owners can log contributions from all members and manage deposits and withdrawals from the Well. Below is an example of what a Pie owner will see in the program. Notice how they have access to the details of the Pie and the individual team members.

            When users are added you can designate them as “Executives.” This will give them the same view into the Pie as the Pie owner, but they will not be able to change the settings for anything except a few personal settings. Only Pie owners have the ability to change all the settings.

            Pie owners can add new members to the team. When the new member is added, an email will be sent to the new user inviting them to log onto the Pie and input their own contributions. The team member account will not be able to view any information related to the Pie, except for their personal contributions. This view applies to Employees and Advisors. The main difference between an Employee and an Advisor is that the Advisor can’t be fired as described in another article.

            Below is screen shot of the same Pie as above, but viewed from the point of view of an individual contributor (Employee) rather than the Pie owner. Notice that the other team members do not appear and that the buttons are grayed-out for adding team members and managing the Well. This person’s access is limited to their own activities.

            Once participants have been added to the Pie, they can log their contributions. 

            Updated: 04 Apr 2016 11:21 AM
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