Slicing Pie

            Team Member Settings

            Pie owners can invite team members by email and name. If the person is already in the Pie Slicer database (by email) the existing name and image will supersede the name entered when adding the individual. Individuals have control over their own name and image. Default images are “Grunts” which are fictional animals I created to represent a hard-working startup employee.

                        Once the individual contributor is added to the Pie, they can log contributions. The Pie owner can also log contributions on their behalf. The Pie owner can edit their salary. Changes to the salary will affect future calculations only; it will not go back in time and change past contributions. This is true for all changes made to settings.

                        When entering salary, input the fair market salary less whatever cash compensation is being paid from the company account. If you start paying more you should edit this field. The Pie slicer will automatically convert the salary to an hourly rate by dividing by 2,000 which is roughly the number of working hours in a year for a full-time job. In the U.S. a full time job is 40 hours per week and most Americans take off two weeks for vacation. Most countries have a similar number, although vacation time varies. As long as all the participants are using the same calculation for hourly rate there is no need to adjust this number.

            Updated: 04 Apr 2016 11:21 AM
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