Slicing Pie

            Pie Slicer Introduction

            The online Pie Slicer is a web-based application that allows founders to track contributions and equity allocations for their team. It was developed because lots of people said, “You should create a tracking program.” In fact, several people have independently launched similar programs based on the Slicing Pie model. However, these programs may or may not reflect the actual calculations in my books and I wanted readers to have an application that is true to the model.

            The rules and logic built into the Pie Slicer application are exactly as described in this book. This includes both the allocation framework and the recovery framework. The calculations will also mirror the Excel spreadsheet.

            I recommend using the model as described here, as any modifications are bound to make the model less fair.

             However, some people choose to use a modified version of the Slicing Pie model. If you are someone who has chosen to modify the model, the Excel spreadsheet is probably the best place to start because you can make your own modifications.

            If you want to use the model as outlined in this book the Pie Slicer application will work nicely. You can still modify a few things in the Pie Settings screen.

            Updated: 04 Apr 2016 11:21 AM
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