Slicing Pie

            Logging Contributions

            The Slicing Pie Model requires people to track their contributions of expenses, equipment, ideas, supplies, facilities, sales and time. The Pie Slicer includes tracking for all contributions so it can properly allocate slices based on an individual’s contributions. This can be done as often as you and your team sees fit. Individuals can sign-in and log their contributions at their convenience or the pie owner can do it for them. The Pie Slicer keeps track of all the contributions and when people last logged in so the Pie owner can provide a gentle reminder when necessary.

            Many people cringe when asked to keep track of their time. They usually don’t mind tracking their expenses, but they don’t like tracking their time.  You and your team can decide the level of granularity you will track using the Pie Slicer and the detail of the notes captured, but I don’t recommend trying to avoid this task altogether. Understanding how you and your team spend your time is as important as keeping track of your expenses (maybe even more important).

            The time-tracking tools in the Pie Slicer are basic and will allow your team to input their time, allocate the time to a specific project or category, and provide a description of what they did during that chunk of time. We tried to make it as painless as possible. We don’t like tracking our time either!

            Updated: 04 Apr 2016 11:21 AM
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